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Complimentary materials we provide: sketch paper, 140 lb cold press watercolor paper, special textured painting paper, pastels, charcoal, luminescent acrylic paints…

…and more supplies for your use during the workshop: chairs, painting tables,water pots, spray bottles, pencil sharpeners, erasers, oversize paint brushes, individual containers to hold your materials. Paper towel roll, washing up brush soap.

Plus Studio Track lighting, eco underfloor heating, drop cloths, ensuite facilities, and our ‘smart’ Canon color printer.

Plein Air supplies: plein air foldaway seats/mini-tables. portable easels, lots of garden seating and tables. Whilst plein air painting: outside taps for cleaning brushes, water pots…

Minimal materials we ask you to bring:
* One inexpensive synthetic brush, no.14 or above.
* One kneaded eraser.
* Two small tubes or jars of any brand acrylic paint: - - one warm color and one cool colour of your choice (e.g., napthol red and ultramarine blue; or warm orange and prussian blue)
*One small tube or jar of acrylic paint - a colour you may or may not usually use, e.g., exotic, wild or intense colour - your choice (please, no cadmiums, cobalts, manganese, oxides i.e., no heavy metals).

Optional: An SLR or digital camera and/or your mobile phone camera (and usb cords for scanning/printing photos)

Note: We will also be using acrylics as watercolour, too; so unless watercolour is a preferred medium of yours, it is not necessary to bring any.

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